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Standardized Test Preparation

Choice Tutoring will prepare you to tackle any standardized test with the confidence needed to succeed. We offer customized test preparation for a variety of standardized tests, including lower, middle, and high school entrance exams (ISEE, HSPT, SSAT), college entrance exams (PSAT, PLAN, SAT, SAT II, and ACT), and professional school exams (GMAT, GRE, MCAT, and LSAT).

Having identified your strengths and weaknesses through diagnostic examinations, our test prep experts tailor instruction to your particular needs and learning style. With our individualized, student-centered approach to test preparation, you will score higher.

Academic Tutoring

We offer academic tutoring for all grade levels in Math, Science, English, History, foreign languages, and many other subjects.

We can help students complete their homework and prepare for an upcoming test. However, for even better results, we highly recommend a regular weekly session so that the tutor can also try to get the student ahead of the class a bit. When the material is covered in class, it will then serve as a review, and the student will be able to ask relevant questions right then instead of puzzling over it on their own and quite possibly fall behind. By staying ahead of the class, students will better understand the material, save valuable time when completing homework assignments, and earn higher grades.

College Applications

With the number of students seeking college admissions now increasing every year, the competition for admission is tougher than ever before. At Choice Tutoring, our admissions experts will prepare your student to apply to college with confidence.

A Choice Tutor can guide your student through the entire admissions process. In addition to preparing students to do their best on standardized tests, our tutors can assist your student in organizing and deciphering the process, drafting and revising application essays, interview preparation, and more.

College admissions generally rely on 4 main elements of a student's application: GPA, standardized test scores, application essays, and extracurricular activities. We can help your student put their best work forward in all four categories by helping your student present the information to colleges in the most appealing way possible.

Practice Tests

Taking practice tests is a crucial part of preparing for any exam. In addition to monitoring progress, they provide an opportunity to apply the lessons and test-taking strategies the student has been working on. By taking multiple practice tests prior to an actual exam, students develop proper time-management skills, learn how to manage the stress and anxiety of standardized tests, and gain the confidence needed to do well.

Choice Tutoring offers practice tests for a variety of standardized tests, which include entrance exams for high school (ISEE, HSPT, and SSAT), college (PSAT, PLAN, SAT, SAT II, and ACT), and professional schools (GMAT, GRE, MCAT, and LSAT).

Organizational Skills

Often, a student's grades are not a true reflection of a student's intellect. The student may not know how to study, organize material, or even where to begin. Organization is just as important as intellect to your student's short-term academic and long-term professional success.

Students today try to do it all ‐ students juggle homework, exams, sports, extracurricular activities, community service, friends, family, and technology. Students often become overwhelmed by it all, and their schoolwork may start to reflect that. A Choice Tutor can help your student take control by creating a personalized organization plan, uniquely suited to your student's individual needs.