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Our family highly recommends Choice Tutoring for college admission tests and for help in reinforcing school work. A counselor at our son's school recommend Choice Tutoring for our, at the time, Sophomore... Choice had him take both the ACT and SAT to first determine which test was better suited for him. They determined that Andrew should focus on the ACT test. He then spent several months working with Amish Shah and others at Choice. He would meet at their facilities on Richmond once a week and complete homework on his own time. Andrew's initial score on the ACT was a 23. After working with Choice, he scored a 29! He even received a 34 on his reading comprehension subtest. He completely attributes this to Amish teaching him how to take that portion of the test. With a score of 29, any student would automatically receive a yearly $12000 scholarship to Baylor. He is now just a Junior so we are not sure that is where he will attend but it is a top choice. The money we spent at Choice will be worth the scholarship money we receive many times over. It was a great experience!

~ Gayle K, Episcopal High School