Choice Tutoring has provided valuable guidance and test prep for both my daughters, and I highly recommend the company. [Read full review]

~ Sabrina D, St. Francis Episcopal School

The tutors at choice tutoring always make sure you are prepared or ahead in your classes. They are knowledgeable of the subject matter and very easy to work with. [Read full review]

~ Dylan S, DeBakey High School for Health Professions

Our family highly recommends Choice Tutoring for college admission tests and for help in reinforcing school work. ...The money we spent at Choice will be worth the scholarship money we receive many times over. It was a great experience! [Read full review]

~ Gayle K, Episcopal High School

Both of my children ... were tutored for the SAT and ACT. Both children brought their scores up considerably from where they were. I would use them again. My daughter will be going to Amish to prepare for the GRE. I know this too will be successful. [Read full review]

~ Cynthia A, The Kinkaid School

I really like the tutoring because you are interacting with your tutor, and I don't feel dumb asking multiple questions. I have improved a ton on my reading comprehension. [... Read full review]

~ Chris C, Strake Jesuit College Preparatory

Working with Choice Tutoring has increased my math grades significantly. They have great tutors who are willing to spend as much time as needed making sure that the topic is understood and perfected. [... Read full review]

~ Katie S, The Kinkaid School

Choice Tutoring has been instrumental in my success as a student; their expertise in everything from standardized testing to everyday classes is what makes them so incredibly helpful. [... Read full review]

~ Stuart D, St. John's School

With the tutors' help my SAT skills really improved and they were great at explaining everything. They weren't intimidating like some tutors are, and they made it fun and easy to learn things that aren't normally fun. [... Read full review]

~ Madison L, Memorial High School

Choice tutoring is a very welcoming place. The tutors are billiant and are a huge help to me and my school work. [... Read full review]

~ Catherine C, Episcopal High School

The tutors are very knowledgeable, thorough, and patient, and will work with you until you understand. [... Read full review]

~ Tess M, DeBakery High School for Health Professions

Through weekly sessions and outstanding comprehensive guidance from Amish, our son was able to raise his ACT score from a 25 to a 30 - the magic number for him!! The academic support and nurturing that he received from Choice Tutoring was second to none. Additionally, our son discovered that Amish could help him with EVERY subject in school...what a bonus! [Read full review]

~ Jan M, Memorial High School

Choice Tutoring has prepared my children to surpass expectations on standardized testing. Their tutor's insights and teaching strategies helped work them beyond their potential. I would highly recommend Choice Tutoring to others in the [... Read full review]

~ Parent, The Kinkaid School

I have worked with tutors from Choice Tutoring for several years now, and I have been nothing but amazed by the company's determination to help its students succeed. ...Choice Tutoring is the best- without the hard working tutors at this company, I would be lost! [Read full review]

~ Julia S, The Kinkaid School

After months of review and practice, my test scores dramatically improved, opening new options for me to attend college. ...I never had a bad experience and always felt comfortable with all the tutors, and I am very glad that I had decided to use Choice Tutoring to help me with my studies and schoolwork. [Read full review]

~ Alex H, St. Thomas High school

I was able to improve my score from getting a 15 on my first practice test to a 30 on the official MCAT! The tutors at Choice tutoring are all very helpful and accommodating and will work to make a personalized lesson program and schedule that works for you. [Read full review]

~ Joseph R, Wheaton College

The tutoring was highly effective as we saw a steady and significant rise is our son's scores on the practice exams as the tutoring progressed... Our son's test results were outstanding, including a perfect 800 on the math part of the SAT. He will likely qualify as a national merit finalist and be eligible for significant academic scholarships. But most important, he is now well-positioned to attend the college of his choice. [Read full review]

~ Parents, DeBakey High School for Health Professions

Our son was not truly on board with tutoring or test preparation. Erin was a perfect fit for Connor. She understood his personality , his strengths and weaknesses from the first meeting. We would highly recommend Erin and Choice tutoring. We will without question send our younger children there. [Read full review]

~ Jennifer P, St. John XXIII College Preparatory