About Us

At Choice Tutoring we offer quality instruction for your student. Our staff has many successful years of experience in standardized and academic tutoring with clients from many schools including Memorial, Kinkaid, Episcopal, St. John's, and Bellaire.

Our company motto, "Going beyond the Grade", is essential to all our endeavors. Too often the focus of other tutoring companies is only on tricks and strategies that are geared to "Defeat the Test;" understanding the material seems to be beside the point. While we agree that the standardized tests are not the ideal indicators of a student's potential, we feel that they do test many skills, such as analytical reading comprehension and basic math concepts, which are essential to succeeding in college and beyond. Rather than focusing solely on a bewildering number of strategies, our primary objective is your child's understanding of the concepts being tested.

Our proven approach ‐ understanding the concepts in combination with tricks, strategies, and test taking skills ‐ not only helps students better demonstrate their potential with higher scores and better grades but also increases their confidence and self-worth both inside and outside school.